Three major cement companies of Saudi Arabia established Cement Product Industry in the year 1972. – Saudi Cement Company – Yamama Cement – Arabian Cement The company has expanded its operations since its inception and now it has become one of the leading Cement Sacks manufacturing unit in the entire Middle East.


In 1972 the company started its operation in the outskirts of Jeddah.

In 2001 the construction of the factory hall started in Industrial Area Phase IV taking its final shape with the administration track on its side.

In 2002 the installation of the machine was completed ahead of schedule. This has increased the production to 47 million sacks per year.

In 2005 the company installed a new multipurpose line. This installation enabled the company to increase its production to 120 million sacks per year.

In 2009 CPI aquired the Yamama Cement Company’s plant in order to meet the increasing demand of local and international clients.

In 2011, CPI installed a new production line that increased its production to nearly 300 million sacks per year.


Cement Product Industry can provide its clients with a wide variety of glued valve sacks for industrial use. This variety includes the below mentioned types of sacks but they are not limited: Sacks are made up of 2, 3, and 4 plies of high quality paper for filling of cement, building materials, petrochemical industry, chemical products, auxiliary materials for the construction use, food products and etc. The above mentioned sacks can be manufactured in commonly used sizes shown below:

Sack width min: 18 cm, max: 75 cm
Sack length min: 25 cm, max: 116 cm Bottom
sack width min: 7 cm, max: 18 cm


At CPI We believe in using high quality raw materials which includes: Paper reels, glue and ink. Our customers can rest assured that we meet all their requirements and comply with international standards.


Here at Cement Product Industry we understand your need for professional and high quality branding. Our team of experienced and skillful designers is always available to create a new identity for your products or customize and upgrade your old designs.


CPI was awarded ISO 9001 certification in the year 2008 for its continuous quality
control that gives its products a high reputation in all our markets.
CPI has a fully equipped laboratory that is capable of performing all tests in house in accordance with the international standard DIN EN 26590-1 / ISO 6590-1.


CPI has 6 latest production lines with state of art German technology, that helps it to manufacture high quantity sack papers. The description of the production lines are shown here: